What goes around comes around…

Ever on the look out for new and exiting ideas to help our clients promote their products online, we’ve come up with a rather clever way of attracting attention.

Presenting products online in the past has tended to rely on lining them up in neat rows to form a gallery of still shots, or assigning a still shot to a product in an e-shop environment. All very nice, but perhaps a little dull – and certainly not very interactive. And let’s face it – the internet should be all about interactivity.

So what about this for a refreshing new way of getting noticed? With ProSpin 360º Photography from GGS those products can be brought to life in amazing clarity, with all-round vision and control. Customers can navigate their way around each product, stopping and enlarging areas of interest, whilst being presented with hot-spot features along the way. It’s almost like seeing a product for real!

This added interest helps to create that all-important ‘stickiness’ on a website page – encouraging customers to stay awhile – and perhaps even return again. It may even prompt a purchasing decision, now wouldn’t that be a result?

Want to know how ProSpin 360º Product Photography from GGS can improve your website? No problem, email [email protected] and request a no-obligation chat – or [click here] for more details.

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