Websites for smartphones

As more of us are using smartphones these days, what better time to assess whether your website is actually smartphone friendly? Does it still look good when viewed on a smartphone device… and more importantly, can you still read it ok?

If you think people are happy to manually expand and horizontally scroll your content until they find what they’re looking for, then I’m afraid you’ll need to think again. With around 46% of visitors now accessing websites via their smartphones and tablets you can forget designing a website for a desktop device only… those days are over.

So what are the options?

Up until relatively recently the only way to guarantee that your mobile visitors were getting the best user experience would be to build a separate site on a ‘.mobi’ domain suffix (yuck… time consuming!). But smartphone technology has superseded that need with browser-based web access, so a single common domain can now be used across all device platforms (hurrah!).

But wait! We’re back to the question as raised earlier – can you still read it ok? Well, the answer would be no… unless you opt for responsive technology, where the site automatically adapts to the device that is accessing it (hurrah again!). No need to manually expand and horizontally scroll… with a responsive website those days are over too!

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