Websites for search engines

Have you ever visited a website and noticed the content was presented in an odd, slightly confusing way, perhaps making little or no sense in places? Yet all the words you expect to find are right there, it’s just the sentences seem strangely complicated and difficult to understand.

If you have… welcome to the world of over-engineered websites for search engines!

Websites for search engines

Don’t get me wrong, all websites should be built with search engines in mind, you’d be crazy building one any other way these days. But the ones I’m talking about here tend to pay little regard to visitor experience in their boom-or-bust attempts to get strong rankings.

Let me give you an example… would you really want to read beyond the following paragraph?

“Graphic design in Norwich is what our trained graphic designers do. Using their Norwich-based design agency and advertising agency expertise our graphic design artists create logos, brochures and sales marketing material for clients looking for creative graphic design throughout Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Essex and North East London.”

That may be a slight exaggeration of what’s out there, but you get my point. The down-side of writing content for search engines is that you can sometimes get carried away – and lose sight of the real purpose of your website – to attract visitors… and keep them hooked!

Here are five handy tips for writing website content:

  • > Write content with your site visitors in-mind, think about what they are trying to find out about you, your products and/or your services.
  • > Keep it on-track, don’t wander off into areas that do little or nothing to support the primary points you’re trying to make.
  • > Keep it simple, if you have to use ‘industry-speak’ only do it if you’re absolutely sure your site visitors will understand and appreciate it.
  • > Find out what search terms are actually being used to find people like you and introduce them with consideration, without over-engineering their usage.
  • > Proof-read before publication, just to make sure you’re saying what you really want to say – and the grammar is correct throughout.

Websites for search engines don’t have to be over-engineered. so if you follow those tips you shouldn’t go far wrong, but if you get stuck for inspiration you can always give us a call on 01603 622500 to help you out.

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