Website running too slow?

With a website now being the most important sales and marketing tool for many businesses, it is imperative that it performs well. Websites that run slow are a major turn-off for site visitors, with the majority choosing to click away after just a few seconds.

So what can be done?

The first thing to do is open your website on a browser that isn’t cached and note the time it takes to fully load your web pages. If that time exceeds 3 seconds per page then you have a problem. You’ll then need to try and identify the root of that problem, which could be down to a number of factors – including:

Your connection: Perhaps the simplest factor to check. However, there’s little you can do about it, other than report the speed (or lack of it) to your provider and/or change providers – and rest easy that your site visitors are probably accessing it quicker than you!

Your image files: This again is an easy one to check. On an uncached call (see above) pay particular attention to the way your image files load. Do they load slowly, a segment strip at a time? If so, you need to reduce your file sizes.

Your traffic: If you’ve got a popular website then this could be causing bandwidth issues. Ask your host to compare your site visitor statistics to your hosting bandwidth allowance – and if the former exceeds the latter you’ll need to up your allowance.

Cyber attack: This is the most irritating one of all, with most attacks being out of your control. Take for instance a recent one reported on the BBC website [here].

Incidentally we offer a no-obligation website performance check – to identify any advise on any areas of concern you may have. Call 01603 622500 or email [email protected] and let’s see if we can help you get back up to speed.

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