How to drive traffic to your online store with professional product photography


When it comes to selling products online, few things are more important than good-quality images. As well as helping to grab customers’ attention, a clear, crisp, descriptive photo will help to tell your buyers everything they need to know about the products you offer.

If, for example, you have an online jewellery business, images are even more important. People buy jewellery that they fall in love with, so it’s essential that your customers are able to see the exquisite detail in your designs. Not only can professional product photography help to boost conversions, but it can also drive traffic to your site. Getting more people to navigate to your site can be a great way to boost sales, raise brand awareness and increase the success of your company. 


Like a beautiful piece of jewellery, a great product photo should instantly grab the viewer’s attention. Whether they’re scrolling through a social media profile, looking through an online marketplace or searching images online, you need your product shots to be arresting, eye-catching and unique.

If you’re using sub-standard photos, it could well be putting buyers off your brand. Dark, blurry or unclear photos won’t do anything to get your buyers’ attention and could well give potential customers the impression that your company is producing inferior-quality jewellery.

Table sculpture - beautiful product photographyProfessional product photography 

A professional photographer will be able to get the most from your products. Using product specific lighting techniques and specialist equipment, they’ll make your pieces sparkle and capture the imagination of your audience in the process.

Use these photos in your social media posts, on your website and in any other digital or printed content you have. The eye-catching images will instantly help to attract attention and get your posts the response they deserve. Make sure you back up these professional images with plenty of descriptive text and detailed product information. The more you can tell your customers about your products, the more likely they’ll be to make a purchase.

Investing in images 

All too often, companies are put off having professional product photography because they think it’s expensive and that they can do just as good a job, themselves. They just look at the cost and not the value. However, if they use their new images correctly, they’ll have a significant impact on sales and it won’t be long before they recoup their investment.

As well as boosting your bottom line, professional photos add value to your brand. Having good-quality images on your website and social media profiles helps to inspire confidence in your customer base and shows your buyers you’re an ambitious and creative company.

If you’re thinking about investing in high-quality product photography, we can help. Explore our site today to find out more.

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