SealSkinz Timelapse Video

This Timelapse video was shot in our studio earlier in the year. It is a pre-build of an exhibition stand which we designed and installed at ISPO in Munich for King’s Lynn manufacturer and esteemed GGS client SealSkinz.

SealSkinz specialise in the development and manufacture of endurance accessories. The exhibition stand signified a new era for SealSkinz, it was the first appearance of their new branding at a show and we were only able to release our video after their branding had been revealed on their website after the show.

The video was shot over 14 hours during the breakdown of the stand and then run backwards to simulate construction. It consists of 1524 individual pictures taken at 20 second intervals. Now before you ask, yes, we did have a dedicated photographer with fast reflexes constantly on the scene and snapping pictures for 14 hours straight. His name is Canon the camera and his profession is strictly photography. He was monitored by creative director / photographer Chris of course, and then edited and pieced together to create the final video.

Have a look and see what you think. A timelapse video is a great way of showing a construction process or any kind of journey that is visually interesting with a start and a finish. With our GGS Photography service we can help plan, film and edit your videos as well as provide them in web friendly format for your website.


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