The camera never lies

How professional photography enhances your business reputation…

With consumers more likely to contact a company whose listing includes an image, the use of images has a greater market value than ever before.

Pictures attract attention, evoke emotions, convey messages – they can portray advice or warning as easily as advertise a product or service. People often say that a picture is worth a thousand words: some say the original quote was that a picture is worth ten thousand words. Either way, it’s clear that the appropriate use of images can reach an audience in ways written text can’t.

When you’re ready to create an image library for your business, it’s worth taking a strategic approach:


Any photography is an extension of your brand identity, and should take into account style, colours and subject matter that is in keeping with your business. You’re looking to achieve visual reinforcement, so instruct your photographer to stay close to your overall look and feel.

On target

It’s not just your business you’re targeting, it’s your end user too. When you’re planning your brief, make sure that your consumer is considered. Use images your customers can identify with or aspire to.

Return on investment

Creating an image library can be costly, so you’ll want the best ROI you can achieve. Do you want generic stills, or would a 360-degree spin view of your business that includes staff and equipment be more appropriate? Are you working on a specific campaign, or can you widen your brief to obtain stock images that can be used time and again.

Go to the pros

Your image library is an investment, so spend wisely. Commission a photographer who will listen to your brief carefully to produce high-quality professional images that will boost your business. Can they offer post-shoot production such as retouching images? Will you own the copyright? How quickly will your images be available and ready for use?


We have an enviable reputation in commercial and corporate photography. Our photographers are all qualified Associates of the British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP) which means you are guaranteed the highest standards of photography in all our work.

Our studios in Norwich have the space and facilities that make them ideal for all types of commercial and corporate photography – from products to portraits, chairs to cars, and beds to bread.

Contact Chris Ball to discuss your photography and videography needs and we’ll help you create an image library full of drama, intensity, creativity and beauty.

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