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Standard Ground Spike

Standard Ground Spike

£18.00 ex. VAT

The Standard Ground Spike is brilliant for any type of outdoor event as it creates less obstruction than a base and allows you to display your signage effectively.

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Product Description

Standard Ground Spike

The Standard Ground Spike is perfect for driving into compact terrains and ideal for festival fields and outdoor events. You can drive it directly into the ground, therefore clearing the immediate perimeters of any trip hazards.

This is compatible with any size of flag.

For Use With:

Formulate Feather Flag

Formulate feather flags come in 3 different sizes so they can be tailored to anyone’s outdoor signage needs. Also, they have a maximum height of 5 meters. The flags come with a lightweight fabric graphic. Therefore this allows the image to be seen on both sides. Furthermore you can also purchase replacement graphics at an extra cost.