A right result, all round!

Following our successful October e-shot campaign  ‘Are you planning an exhibition, conference or product launch?’ we were delighted to be contacted by the London HQ of national charity Scope regarding the design, production and installation of a small exhibition stand for the NCAS Conference in Eastbourne (24 – 26th October).

Like many clients they had an idea which needed to be turned into reality and, inspired by our e-shot which popped out of the ether at just the right moment, they gave us a call.

To tie in with their current marketing campaign ‘the four ingredients for a better outcome’ they wanted a ‘Shabby Chic’ French bistro look with a traditional looking counter, complete with marble tables and bits and pieces of French Apilco crockery from which they could  serve cakes to stand visitors .

We instantly got cracking with a design which, when approved, was all printed and assembled in-house before setting up in Eastbourne.

Client’s Idea

GGS Visual

Two winners on this one.  Scope get a great stand and we get a nice little job.

Ahhh, the power of e-marketing…

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