Retro palettes for nostalgic design

Colour is a key element in branding.

Among the pantones and the HEX codes, there are myriad colours that lend themselves to a particular genre or style of design. When you start to combine them with different shades and accent colours from the charts, you’re creating designs that range from the ivory-based classic, to the sleek and succinct modern, from the atmospherically charged emotive to the dramatic and aspirational.


Colours are evocative too. Psychedelic shades of purple, orange and lime green scream 1970s. Monochrome shouts 1960s. Whites denote purity, peace and calm. From red to violet and every shade in between, the colours you select for your design will evoke a response in your customers.

There’s a psychology behind the use of colour. How you use it, and the other branding elements of typeface and composition, can change its meaning. For example, red signifies warmth or passion in a gentle context: combine the colour with a jagged font and abrupt copy, and it signifies a warning, or danger.

The word retro may conjure images of 1950s London, with its pop-art style visuals and vintage fashions redolent of post-war Britain and Enid Blyton childhoods, but actually, retro covers a wider period than this decade. The word is really intended to mean something current that reflects characteristics of the past, or something that no longer seems modern.


The retro style has been in use for many years – William Morris used Medieval stylistic models in the early 1890s – but its popularity as a genre is firmly 20th century.

We’re experts in helping businesses find their identity. We create designs that are as individual as the clients we create them for. We’re experts at combining colour, typeface and composition, and our comprehensive service includes developing a suite of company collateral that will ensure your brand is integral to your business.

There’s nostalgia waiting for your customers when you choose your colour so choose wisely – you want retro, not regret.

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