Professional Photography VS Amateur Photography

When it comes to photography, the idea of what separates the pros from the Joes is debatable – everyone has different skills, styles, and equipment, but what is it that makes someone “professional” in their work?

Amateur – “a person who engages in a pursuit, especially a sport, on an unpaid basis.”

That sounds pretty vague, as many photographers could still be considered an “expert” at what they do despite not doing it for financial gain. It might not necessarily make them an amateur. Plus “amateurs” often charge money for their services.

Professional – “engaged in a specified activity as one’s main paid occupation rather than as an amateur.”

So, according to search engines, you need to be bringing in some cash to be considered professional. However, at some point, we will all come across a “professional” photographer whose work has been anything but pay-worthy. So, without taking salary into consideration, what skills and qualities should a photographer possess for people to consider him or her a professional when they see their photographs?

Perhaps the true hallmark of a “professional” photographer is based upon their ability to capture excellent photos wherever they are, whatever time and whatever the subject – but there are many professionals who aren’t capable of that, and many amatuers who are… In our eyes, a professional photographer will turn a normal, rather mundane location, object, or situation into something special and meaningful with the right lighting or angle, and maybe a little bit of photo editing.



The core value of what separates the amateurs from the professionals is a number of things; the ability to take great photos, the ability to deliver under pressure, and the ability to earn some kind of income – achieve these and someone can truly see the value of a professional photographer. That’s not to say that someone who takes  fantastic photos for their own personal enjoyment can’t be considered an expert at it.

On the other hand, perhaps what really makes a photographer professional, is their artistic eye and their ability to make a picture rather than take a picture and not their (probably) incredibly expensive camera… Having a fabulous set of saucepans and a really expensive cooker won’t make you a good cook.

At GGS, our photographers have the drive and passion to capture stunning photos every single time. Their extensive knowledge and experience means they know exactly what works for every single one of our clients; their aim is to achieve the highest possible standard in every aspect of their work; now that’s what we call professional!

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