Why photography makes people press the big-red buy button!

What influences a customer’s decision to purchase the most? Is it the branding, the prices, or the item description? While there are many aspects that can affect our decision to buy, in an increasingly digital world – photography is perhaps one of the most vital.

With so many people making their purchases online, it’s key that they are provided with a clear understanding of the product they are interested in before clicking the ‘buy’ button – this includes precisely its appearance which can only be achieved through high quality photography. Online businesses need images that help them sell more of their products and services, there’s no doubt about that.

Having photos of your products is the first step, but having high quality images that show your products in their best light is what really counts. Poor quality, dodgy angles, and blurred focus – they are all things that can hinder the buying process and make a business appear unprofessional and ‘sloppy’. On the other hand, sophisticated and professional photography indicates high quality products and a company that can be trusted.

So what makes good photography?

First of all, to get the right photos, you need the right equipment. At GGS, we use professional photography equipment and resources all the way from lenses to lighting. Not to mention our extensive industry knowledge, experience, and creativity which results in us supplying only the best images for our clients time and time again.

Whilst it does require time and money, the benefits of pulling in a professional photographer are far greater than attempting to do it yourself or hire someone who isn’t experienced – and we have 43 years’ worth of that – so you know you’ll be receiving the highest standards of work every time.

We also offer ProSpin, a new interactive way for customers to engage with your products before making the decision to purchase. It allows them to zoom in and rotate the products so customers truly know what their buying.

So if you want to direct more customers to the big-red ‘buy’ button, increase sales, make your products and services pop, and are looking for the assistance of a highly reputable photographer, we can certainly deliver! Our sole focus is on commercial and corporate photography, so we know exactly what works best for our clients, regardless of media type.

Still not convinced? Take a look through our gallery – here you will find professional photos ranging from food and industrial, to architecture and portraits, so you know we have plenty of experience!

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