Marketing Materials for Zenos Cars

Exhibition stand design and supply of portable equipment

Zenos_Full_2M_White (small)We were thrilled when Norfolk-based company, Zenos Cars contacted us to assist with the launch of their newest product – the amazing E10 S, a lightweight, innovative and fun sports car. It’s stylish, fast and also affordable at a starting price of £29,995. With the opportunity to view some of their excellent engineering, we packed up our portfolios and headed over for a meeting as soon as what was considered socially acceptable.

Zenos wanted us to create some new marketing materials for them; they planned to attend the Autosport International exhibition, a racing car show held at the NEC in Birmingham. We designed, printed and built the stand for the event, keeping it clean and simple, and by doing so keeping the focus on the striking E10 S and reinforcing the Zenos brand. The stand was an impressive 8×6 metres and gave them the presence they desired.


Ansar Ali, Zenos Co-founder and Director had this to say:

“The stand designed for Zenos Cars by GGS portrayed exactly the brand message we intended and furthermore it reinforced the purity, simplicity and razor sharp looks of the Zenos E10 S which took centre stage. GGS interpreted our brief with precision and executed it in a similar fashion; working with them has been a real pleasure on this project and it also helps that they too are a Norfolk based business.”

Kind words from Ansar, we hope that this will be the start of a great relationship – and we’re crossing our fingers for a complimentary test drive too 😉

(We are also currently working on a new website for them, which gives far more detail about the car and future developments as well as some nice pics and an opportunity to arrange a test drive – but more about that later!)

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