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A lot of Jewellery is pretty small, particularly rings and earrings so in comparison to photographing people, tractors or cheesecakes for example, jewellery photography can be particularly fiddly. Many of us will walk into a jewellery shop and buy what we like the look of without a second thought. But with the ever increasing percentage of buyers choosing to make purchases online, product photography is more important than ever. Depicting your jewels in a flattering yet accurate light can be a challenge when working with such small, delicate objects, but for us, with years of experience in this field it’s a piece of cake.

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There are several different factors to consider when photographing jewellery. Getting the items in the correct position can be a bit of a bother. Tiny and precise movements are required when working with jewellery. Whether it’s turning each individual stone on a necklace, lining up links in a chain or arranging a bracelet to sit in a perfect oval shape – every movement counts when working at such close angles.

Once in position, we consider the lighting of the shot. Images should be faithful to the original item. Diamonds should sparkle, glossy stones should look glossy, matte stones should look matte and reflections should be kept to a minimum. So lighting can be pretty tricky, particularly when working so close to the subject.

Final 2743100005 Retouching the images is the final stage of jewellery photography. All images are cropped, resized for web and tweaked to get a consistency across all the shots. Our retouchers often will amend these images in batches of 30-100 and describe the process as ‘getting into the retouch zone’. The objects are cut out, placed on a white background, given a reflection, unwanted dust or dirt is removed and they are then resized to 1500px wide and sharpened so that they appear crisp online.

So as you can see, jewellery photography is not a walk in the park. It takes specialist equipment and a lot of time and experience to do it properly. A camera on a phone just won’t do your jewels justice and won’t help sell your products!

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