Who are you and what do you do?

This is one of the first questions you usually get asked when you go to a networking group or you meet a stranger for the first time.

So why then; when it comes to our websites don’t we tell Search Engine spiders the same information when they come to visit our site?

HTML Titles (technical definition of a HTML Title) are our opening line to tell the search engines who we are and what we do, so when somebody asks Google for a recommendation (searches for a keyword) they will recommend us via the search engine results pages. It’s kind of like Google endorsing you as they can see from your website that you are an expert in that field/service. Obviously you need to reinforce your expertise via other elements such as quality content, social footprinting and other ranking factors but today we are talking HTML Titles.

The Title is also the first introduction of your website that is displayed in the Search Engine results page for the keyword searched.

Picture Showing Title in Search Results

When writing your Titles we suggest that you start with your brand (Google loves brands ) Then state your service/product in a natural way using your keywords. Google’s quality filters are smart enough to work out when you are trying to spam! You wouldnt walk up to somebody and just reel off your keywords and variations of, you would tell them your name (brand) and then you would tell them what you do.

Also remember that when you are writing your Titles make sure that each page is different but relevant to the service found on that page.

If you would like to discuss anything SEO related please call us or you can start by taking a look at Google’s very own SEO guide

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