I can get a logo for a Fiver!

Last night I bought a pint of beer at a restaurant. It cost me just under a fiver. At the weekend I had a barbecue for which, along with the meat, charcoal etc. I bought two pots of stuffed peppadew peppers (very nice). There were about 16 of them in total, each the size of small vine tomato and they cost just over a fiver. I thought to myself, rather ruefully, how little £5.00 buys these days. But perhaps that just applies to foodstuffs; because it would appear that if I were to be starting a new business and needed a logo I could buy one on the internet for the same amount of money.

We design logos at GGS and feel that we we’re quite good at it. The process involves having a meeting with our client, discussing their business, what they do, how they want to present themselves in the marketplace, who they wish to market to, what the Company’s values are etc. etc. You get the picture.

We then go off and work something up and arrange another meeting (we prefer face to face rather than an email) to present our designs, discuss whatever amendments are required and take it from there. We consider carefully where and how the logo will be used and produce different versions for different uses and also how the brand image might be established using this logo. The process can extend over numerous days and generally by the time we have a satisfied client who has received printed and electronic versions of the logo in a range of formats and sizes which they can use in any of the marketing material they will subsequently require we will have spent a considerable number of hours on the project. To be honest, we aren’t really that keen on working for 25p (or less) per hour. Not unreasonable, I would say and I’m fairly sure most people would agree.

I have no doubt there are plenty of companies who don’t care about how they present themselves to the buying public, who just want a logo to slap on their van or bung on a business card and ‘Your Logo for a Fiver’ clearly has some appeal. I also dare say that the end result in some cases isn’t bad as far as their non-discerning purchasers are concerned. A wacky font and a nice piece of Microsoft clip-art is probably right up their street – and who’s to say that they are wrong. It’s ‘horses for courses’.

Logo for a fiverA small amount of research on the internet reveals there’s a stack of places offering cheap logo design at prices ranging from five pounds to a hundred pounds and this article http://goo.gl/OtNN6 from Creative Review examines the processes involved and indeed, the results. Very interesting. I recommend taking a few minutes to read it.

At the end of the day, if you are serious about your business and wish for your public appearance to look professional and trustworthy come to a company like GGS. If you aren’t – get Googling!

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