How to Make Workplaces Covid Secure

You’ll be glad to know that there are many different options for making sure that your workplace is safe for both customers and employees alike. We’ll explore a few of our recommended options below, and you’ll be happy to know that they cover a variety of different budgets too. We recommend using not just one of the below options, but a few depending on your budget. We’d like to think that these safety precautions won’t be necessary forever – but that said, we understand how important it is to keep each other safe. Check out our recommendations for how to make a workplace Covid-Safe below.



These full-height screens are the ideal way to keep staff safe. They consist of simple, modular aluminium frames with clear acrylic at the top and white panels below monitor height. They keep employees safe whilst still letting in plenty of light. It creates an enclosed space without compromising style.

  • Perfect for creating individual office space for employees
  • Modular and flexible: Use more than one to create multiple safe working spaces
  • High quality & durable for long term use

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Firstly, we have a simple safety screen. It’s ‘[‘ shaped frame keeps employees safe and still ensures a bright and clean workspace. It’s a pretty low-cost option that we think works great in small spaces.

We also have the desk divider – these are pretty similar except you have the option to include a graphic. A great opportunity for a bit of branding and/or an important safety message.

Freestanding Screen Guard Wrap – £40.00 ex VAT

  • Ready assembled
  • Folds flat for storage

Freestanding Desk Divider – Between £25 – £40 ex VAT

  • Highly portable
  • Tool-free for easy assembly
  • Printed panels which slot into the base are available
  • Two sizes:600mm (w) x 600mm (h)800mm (w) x 600mm (h)

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t may seem like an impossible task to keep 2m away from customers in a shop front or an office reception area. And there are many occasions where an online interaction just doesn’t cut it. There are payment transactions to handle, deliveries to sign for, you get the idea…These premium divider screens offer a safer way to get a bit closer to customers and clients. Both use clear acrylic screens which you can see through easily (obviously) and which provide the necessary safety for your staff and customers. You can even have a graphic printed on one of them which can reiterate the importance of safety to all those who you greet face-to-face.

Premium Acrylic Screen – £105.00 ex VAT
  • Ideal for cashier/reception counters
  • Packs flat for storage
Protective Wraparound Screens – £40.00 ex VAT
  • Protects customers & staff in close proximity situations
  • Option for custom graphics on surround

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These sanitising stations are a covid-must. You can get a freestanding unit to place near entrances/exits or alternatively you can get a desk/wall unit which (as it says on the tin) can be placed on a desk or mounted onto the wall. These are the perfect way to ensure everyone that enters and leaves your workplace stays covid-compliant and keeps their hands clean. The freestanding unit even comes with a handy glove dispenser.

Freestanding Unit and Desk & Wall Unit

  • Premium quality
  • Sturdy & durable
  • Can be placed on desk or mounted on the wall
  • Freestanding option available
  • Glove Dispenser included on the freestanding unit
  • A4 Poster Frame for your Custom Message

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Signage is equally as important to ensure that people follow the rules of social distancing. We have an array of different options to suit spaces both indoors and outdoors. Not to mention three -ready-to-go designs to choose from. Choose from our premium quality signage options*:

  • Banner Stand – £45
  • Wide Monsoon Banner (2.5m x 1m) – £90. £210 including hardware
  • A-Frame – Waterproof A1 or A2 Posters from £14, Hardware from £60
  • Waterproof A3 Posters – £10
  • Floor Graphics – Price upon request
  • Window Graphics – £10

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Or browse our full catalogue to find a bespoke solution.*Prices excluding VAT




And there we have it. Some ideas for how to make your workplace Covid-Compliant. All you need to do now is work out what you need and where to put it…

If you have any questions or wish to discuss anything in more detail, you can always get in touch with our exhibitions expert, Duncan. He’s clued up on all things Covid-Safety-Related and would be happy to discuss any bespoke solutions.

Alternatively, you can fill out our order enquiry form below.

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