A Guide to Branding Your Small Business

For decades, branding has been vital to making good business; it’s what customers think of first when they think about your company. Branding is typically made up of logo, name, slogan, symbol, and design – but just because you have branding, that doesn’t mean it’s as effective as it could be!

Branding is immensely powerful, more so than we care to think. It isn’t just about looking good or attracting your target market, but about getting prospects to view you as the sole solution of their problem and/or need. In a world saturated by digital media, it’s important that you have your customers’ attention from the get-go; funky graphics and branding is everywhere, in fact, we see upwards of 5,000 brands everyday – so why let your company settle for anything less than fantastic? It’s all about standing out from the crowd!

branding cupcakes and bubbles

So what makes good branding?

Before you even care to think about what your branding should look like, the only way you’ll succeed in branding is by first understanding your competition, your industry, and the needs and wants of your target market; what is it your business offers and how can target prospects relate to you?

Professional and successful branding will confirm and enforce your credibility as a business – it connotes trustworthiness and good quality products and services. It also delivers your message and ideologies whilst creating that emotional connection between your target prospects and the service you provide.

Branding should be memorable; it should trigger the motivation to buy and then leave a lasting impression on your customers which encourages them to return to you again and again, creating customer loyalty – which is vital for good business! Consumers will be able to identify with your branding; it will live in their hearts and mind! Your branding essentially summarises their experience with you as a business.

branding wright form

Here are a few things to consider:

Is your brand unique and does it represent what you offer and why it’s important?

  • Does it relate to your target market? Will they “get it”?
  • Does it reflect what the business stands for and its promise?
  • Does it look professional?

How can GGS help?

When it comes to our graphic design, we like to think of ourselves as experienced professionals; we know how to communicate your often complex ideas into a simple and effective form. We can create graphics that get you noticed and deliver the right messages.

Logo design, brochure design, website graphics, business cards – we’ve worked on hundreds of businesses on hundreds of different projects from all kinds of different industries; we’ve built up quite the portfolio! Our designs are inspiring as they generate interest and draw in your prospects – we can assist your business in moving forwards by creating a graphic unique to you that effectively communicates what it is you stand for.

So if you’re looking to brand your business, or simply want to revamp your current branding – get in touch today.

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