Wicked Work Experience!

Hello, my name is Georgia Skipper, and I am currently doing a week work experience with GGS.

It turns out that those Monday morning nerves weren’t actually needed, as once I had been introduced to everyone, I quickly realised how lovely and welcoming the place and the people in it are. Meaning that those nerves rapidly changed into excitement for my week ahead in the world of the working environment.

As I am currently still at school studying for my GCSE’s, I’ve never really done any work outside of those. So this week is my first real taste working outside of the school routine. Also meaning that working along side new people, within various departments has been a great learning experience and a genuinely fun time. I’ve been learning about aspects of photography, from capturing the images to editing them using Adobe Photoshop. This has been fantastic as I will be able to put these new skills into practice next year when I take photography at A level. As well as this, today I assisted in the web design department helping to add features onto the CNS school’s website which GGS designed and built.

This week so far has really helped me build my self confidence and learn new skills. I have been lucky to have been able to work in such an interesting place!

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