How to incorporate live video streaming in your exhibitions

Subsea Technology stand - monitor displaying video

Live streaming is no longer the future of events marketing, it’s the present. The use of live videography gives you an instantaneous marketing tool that you can use there and then, and recycle for later. Whichever channel or channels you are using, Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitter-owned Periscope, Snapchat or Instagram; bring them to your exhibition stand. They are the channels for a two-way immersive and interactive marketing tactic that draws crowds, and keeps them entertained while they are there. Stream in experts and ambassadors, with real time interviews and Q&A sessions. Get a go-pro or body cam feed and show… Read more »

The Importance of Your School Prospectus Design

School Prospectus design and print

As the academic year starts steering towards the end, now is a great time to start thinking about your school prospectus for September. Nowadays, most schools have a website as a result of new Ofsted regulations, but that doesn’t mean that prospectuses and prints are any less important. School brochures and prospectus can be handed out and passed around at open days and events; this provides visitors with an instant positive impression when they aren’t able to access the school’s website at that time. While your website is still a highly useful tool – don’t underestimate the marketing power of… Read more »

Professional Photography VS Amateur Photography

Professional Photography VS Amateur Photography

When it comes to photography, the idea of what separates the pros from the Joes is debatable – everyone has different skills, styles, and equipment, but what is it that makes someone “professional” in their work? Amateur – “a person who engages in a pursuit, especially a sport, on an unpaid basis.” That sounds pretty vague, as many photographers could still be considered an “expert” at what they do despite not doing it for financial gain. It might not necessarily make them an amateur. Plus “amateurs” often charge money for their services. Professional – “engaged in a specified activity as one’s main… Read more »

Corporate Headshots – Helpful hints

corporate headshot photography from GGS photographers, Norwich, Norfolk

OK, so you need to get some head shots of your team for the Company website. Is it important that the photos are all good quality; that they all look uniform and consistent in style; that they are pictures that the subject is happy to have on view to the whole world; that they convey the right message about the individual and that they fit in with the company’s image? Probably. What you definitely don’t want is a hotch potch of blurry pics with a selection of different backgrounds taken in a Benidorm bar or similar, where each subject has… Read more »

It’s all go go go for Exhibitions at GGS!

The Big Prawn Co stand with lightboxes, freezers, seating areas and display cabinets

It’s all go go go in the Exhibitions department again at GGS! The boys have been over in Belgium building a large stand for our regular client the Big Prawn Company at The Seafood Expo, the world’s largest trade show for the seafood industry. This is the 6th year running we have worked with Big Prawn to showcase their brand at this fantastic show. Finishing the build on Saturday, the boys drove home, loaded up the van and headed on down to the NEC for Naidex, where this year we have stands for TGA Mobility and Skills for Care. Naidex… Read more »

Double stand action at Oceanology

Bespoke stand design which showcases underwater technology

The GGS exhibition team have been on the road again and have just completed TWO huge stand builds at London ExCel for Oceanology 2016. We’re always happy to help Norfolk based companies so when we were asked by Applied Acoustic and Subsea Technology & Rentals to create even bigger stands than we have done for them previously we couldn’t wait to get started on our ideas. The Oceanology International event offers the world’s leading forum where industry, academia and government share knowledge and connect with the marine science and ocean technology communities. Both clients specialise in designing and manufacturing subsea technology for the… Read more »