The secret sauce to ensuring your business stands out from the crowd!

The secret sauce to ensuring your business stands out from the crowd!

In a world that revolves around technology and online profiles, it’s essential that your business is represented in the best light possible – so that you can sell more of your products and services. And with so much competition confronting you, trying to stand out from the crowd can be a tricky task… So what can you do to make your business shine brighter than the rest? Commercial photography High quality photography is key to selling more products; it represents professionalism and accurately showcases what you can offer potential clients and customers. Our qualified Associates of the British Institute of… Read more »

GGS – A Very Complimentary Week!

Wallpaper graphic printed by GGS

We almost had a full house of compliments last week! Four great testimonials and four very happy clients. We love our work; it’s creative, it’s sometimes hectic but ultimately it’s always very rewarding. Creating and supplying our clients with anything from top quality photographs, large and impressive exhibition stands and wallpaper prints, to simply a well-designed brochure bang-on-brief. Monday Chris, our corporate photographer, had a great day in the studio photographing ice cream product shots for The Booja Booja Company. The variety of flavours looked and tasted fantastic (or so we hear from Chris, who had to taste test each… Read more »

GGS Client Testimonials

Natures Menu large exhibition stand with storage areas for pet food

At GGS many of our clients have lots of nice things to say about us so; instead of keeping the comments all to ourselves we thought it was only fair to share with you some of the lovely words they have had to say regarding recent projects we have worked on. We work with a great bunch of people and it is always so nice to hear that they are so pleased with the work we have been doing for them. “The service, attention to detail and efficiency of GGS is first class. Not only do they build to a… Read more »

GGS Photography – Blast from the Past

Brewery shots from our photography archive

We received an email from a Sarah at Bier & Co, a drinks wholesaler in the Netherlands, earlier this week regarding a photograph of an unknown brewery. It was discovered in an old filing cabinet, but had been there for so long nobody knew what it was or indeed why it was there. The only clue as to its real identity came from the GGS photography reference number inscribed on the bottom. It didn’t take us very long to identify Sarah’s image. Once we had looked up the reference number we were able to tell her that the mysterious brewery… Read more »

A right result, all round!

Stand sketch for client

Following our successful October e-shot campaign  ‘Are you planning an exhibition, conference or product launch?’ we were delighted to be contacted by the London HQ of national charity Scope regarding the design, production and installation of a small exhibition stand for the NCAS Conference in Eastbourne (24 – 26th October). Like many clients they had an idea which needed to be turned into reality and, inspired by our e-shot which popped out of the ether at just the right moment, they gave us a call. To tie in with their current marketing campaign ‘the four ingredients for a better outcome’… Read more »

Wicked Work Experience!

Work experience student at GGS

Hello, my name is Georgia Skipper, and I am currently doing a week work experience with GGS. It turns out that those Monday morning nerves weren’t actually needed, as once I had been introduced to everyone, I quickly realised how lovely and welcoming the place and the people in it are. Meaning that those nerves rapidly changed into excitement for my week ahead in the world of the working environment. As I am currently still at school studying for my GCSE’s, I’ve never really done any work outside of those. So this week is my first real taste working outside… Read more »

A great day at the Norfolk & Norwich Chamber of Commerce B2B exhibition.

GGS Exhibition stand

Yesterday, we took an exhibition stand again at the B2B exhibition, basically as a ‘flag-waving’ opportunity, but were amazed at the number of visitors and level of interest in our services. We were rushed off our feet all morning with new enquiries and meeting some existing clients. Ours was a fairly simple exhibition stand using our Vario D400 pop-up system, to which we added a custom made desk attached at the side. Whilst we didn’t expect to win ‘best stand’ yet again (*smug grin) for such a simple stand, it was the design of our graphics that set us apart… Read more »

New (well overdue!) Web Site Shock

GGS branded web banner

Welcome to the All New, Super-Duper, Leaner, Meaner (well, leaner anyway) GGS Web Site. Not so many words, lots of pretty pictures and specially designed so it will look just as beautiful on your tablet or phone as it does on your PC or Mac! Let us know what you think; we can take it… (Probably)… And we can decide whether to go down the pub and have a celebratory pint or go home and tell our mums on you for being nasty.