Exhibition stand design for Naidex 2013

Person demonstrating wheelchair product on a stand

Following our successful Planning an exhibition stand for 2013? marketing campaign, we were delighted to win a three year contract to design, build and install a 108 square metre exhibition stand design for the UK’s largest supplier of mobility scooters, Suffolk based TGA. The brief was for a contemporary exhibition stand design with an open and inviting feel, to increase the company’s profile and reinforce their position as market leaders. Other requirements included the ability to use it at both 12 x 6 and 12 x 9 metres – and for it to accommodate a minimum of 15 scooters with… Read more »

Alzheimer’s modular exhibition stand from GGS nears completion

Shell scheme graphics for Alzheimers Research UK

Finishing touches to the exhibition stand we are building for Alzheimer’s Research UK are being applied in the GGS studio. The stand, which we will be used at conferences throughout the year, including BNA 2013 (Festival of Neuroscience), The Alzheimer’s Show and the Badminton Horse Trials will be assembled on-site by  the client. This modular construction has been specially designed with self-build in mind and our clients will be coming to the studio in a couple of days to see how it all goes together. Piece of cake!

New modular exhibition stand commission

Stand concept for Alzheimer's Research

  Alzheimer’s Research UK have commissioned GGS to design & build a modular exhibition stand capable of being used in spaces ranging from 4 to 18 sq meters. The interactive stand which will include a plasma screen, dry wipe board, x-ray light box, nerve cell display panel and a 3d brain puzzle (sounds fun) will be used to engage the general public and health care professionals at a variety of exhibitions and conferences throughout 2013, including BNA 2013 (Festival of Neuroscience),  The Alzheimer’s Show and the Badminton Horse Trials. Further information on Alzheimer’s Research UK can be found at www.alzheimersresearchuk.org