School prospectus design – how marketing your school is entirely unique

CNS students reading books - GGS photography

In order to attract bright, dynamic and driven pupils to your school, you need to create an eye-catching prospectus and show your potential applicants just how much you have to offer. Before you create your prospectus, you need to decide how you’re going to market your school. Each and every school in the UK is unique, so it’s important that you choose an aesthetic, a layout and a format that suits your Primary or Secondary perfectly. Images Images are incredibly important when it comes to creating a school prospectus. It’s the photographs that will first catch the eye of your… Read more »

Retro palettes for nostalgic design

Pantone Colour booklet

Colour is a key element in branding. Among the pantones and the HEX codes, there are myriad colours that lend themselves to a particular genre or style of design. When you start to combine them with different shades and accent colours from the charts, you’re creating designs that range from the ivory-based classic, to the sleek and succinct modern, from the atmospherically charged emotive to the dramatic and aspirational. Colours are evocative too. Psychedelic shades of purple, orange and lime green scream 1970s. Monochrome shouts 1960s. Whites denote purity, peace and calm. From red to violet and every shade in… Read more »

A Guide to Branding Your Small Business

Branding Cupcakes and bubbles

For decades, branding has been vital to making good business; it’s what customers think of first when they think about your company. Branding is typically made up of logo, name, slogan, symbol, and design – but just because you have branding, that doesn’t mean it’s as effective as it could be! Branding is immensely powerful, more so than we care to think. It isn’t just about looking good or attracting your target market, but about getting prospects to view you as the sole solution of their problem and/or need. In a world saturated by digital media, it’s important that you… Read more »

The Tricero-stand for John Innes

John innes centre stand design norwich

What’s a Tricero-stand? We’re not really sure to be perfectly honest – we made the name up for the purpose of this blog 🙂 But essentially it’s all about this innovative and unique stand we designed, printed and supplied for the John Innes Centre. A custom shape we haven’t configured before – the panels have a graphic on each side, allowing for six spaces to showcase your business! John Innes wanted to promote fifty years of research at their Open Day event and this stand was the perfect way to do so. The timeline spans all of the graphics and… Read more »

‘Interex’-ing stand graphics…

Interex brochure 6pp design and print example from GGS

When our clients approach us with a problem, we pride ourselves in being able to solve it. We have a great advantage over many of our competitors in that we have experience with a vast range of different areas, such as photography, exhibitions and design. It means when a client has a problem we can draw on a range of previous experiences to help us create a custom solution to almost all problems (I say almost, we’re not complete miracle workers…). When Interex approached us with a query, we were able to put our thinking caps on and ultimately created some awesome… Read more »

Design your own Wallpaper!

Two women in hospital waiting room with customised wallpaper

One of the services GGS offers is design and printing of bespoke wallpaper from any design that clients wish to provide, and last week we completed a project for the NNUH Hospital Arts Project. Various paper types are available and this particular job was printed on a heavily textured paper, standing it apart from a standard smooth surface, adding elegance and real feeling of quality. This project involved the re-creating a 50’s style living room in the Holt Ward rest room at the NNUH. We gave our highly skilled and meticulous installer, Ronnie, the task of hanging it and he… Read more »

A Summer of School Prospectuses

Selection of school prospectuses completed by GGS

Summer break is over and it’s time to go back to school, at GGS we’ve been keeping ourselves busy over the summer period designing and printing school Prospectuses for a number of our lovely clients. We know creating a Prospectus can be a daunting process, which is why we are with you every step of the way, from the initial planning meeting to discuss the brief, taking some amazing pictures for the content, designing something beautiful, and finally printing and delivering your school Prospectus on time ready for the start of the new Autumn term. It’s important that the design… Read more »

Brochure design for an Engineering company

Product shot of Kingsland Engineering machinery

We consider ourselves to be rather unique here at GGS, offering a wide range of marketing services including exhibition stands, photography & video, and graphic & web design: everything all under one roof. For example, a recent job for The Kingsland Engineering Company involved both photography and brochure design. They needed something fresh for the new year – elegant, informative, professional – so our photographers and designers collaborated to create a beautiful brochure which was exactly that. Our design complemented the bespoke photography resulting in an harmonic synergy of form and function: which is, of course, our way of saying… Read more »

I can get a logo for a Fiver!

Dodgy salesman

Last night I bought a pint of beer at a restaurant. It cost me just under a fiver. At the weekend I had a barbecue for which, along with the meat, charcoal etc. I bought two pots of stuffed peppadew peppers (very nice). There were about 16 of them in total, each the size of small vine tomato and they cost just over a fiver. I thought to myself, rather ruefully, how little £5.00 buys these days. But perhaps that just applies to foodstuffs; because it would appear that if I were to be starting a new business and needed… Read more »

School delighted with Graphic Design fom GGS

Flicking through pages of Broadland Prospectus

Is that the sound of a trumpet blowing…? Here’s a testimonial we just received; thought I’d share it with you : ) ‘Broadland High School approached GGS last summer for their advice with the concept, design and production of the new school prospectus. The governors felt that the prospectus was the most important marketing tool available to show what the school has to offer to new parents and students. We invited Chris Ball (Director) to visit our school and found him to be professional and inspirational, with his clarity of perception of our ethos. GGS produced a prospectus that met… Read more »