A real buzz on the Alzheimer’s stand

Alzheimers stand in use at the show

The team at Alzheimer’s Research UK have just used their new modular exhibition stand for the second time at the recent Alzheimers Show held at the Royal Horticultural Halls in London. As a modular exhibition stand, the 6 x 3 metre design can be used to fit a range of size configurations. On this occasion it was used within a 4 x 3 metre space. Health professionals and the general public could interact with the illuminated brain tour panel as well as being able to assemble a model brain against the clock and view x-rays on an integral light box…. Read more »

Top Tips for First Time Exhibitors

3D stand design model

Below are just a few ideas to consider when exhibiting for the first time. A) Where to Exhibit There are exhibitions in the UK, Europe and Worldwide where you can exhibit almost every product and service available. Events can be either trade only or open to the general public. Websites such as exhibitions.co.uk and publications like the Exhibition Bulletin list future exhibitions by public sector, so if you are, for example, a manufacturer of dog food you can see at a glance all the relevant exhibitions which you could attend. (Crufts, Interzoo, PATS etc) B) Booking a Stand Space Having… Read more »

Food Photography Tips

Professional food photography banner

To achieve top food photography there are more factors to consider than may be realised. But firstly, we need to know just how the shots will be used, as this affects the approach in many ways. For shots to be used on packaging the image will need to complement the pack design and fit the allocated space exactly and it needs to be decided if a background, such as a table setting, is wanted or if the product is on a plate cut out to sit on the background design. If it is for more editorial use such as magazine… Read more »

The importance of blogging

I love blogging

We all know how social media has grown to become such a big part of our lives these days, but did you know how important it is to use a blogging platform if you’re in business and trying to grow interest in your website? With Facebook, Twitter and Google+ now dominating the way we digitally communicate with each other, blog posts can sometimes get neglected. Not good if you’re trying to build your business with the help of strong search engine rankings, because blog posts will ping out across the net as soon as they’re published, spreading the word like… Read more »

Exhibition stand design for Naidex 2013

Person demonstrating wheelchair product on a stand

Following our successful Planning an exhibition stand for 2013? marketing campaign, we were delighted to win a three year contract to design, build and install a 108 square metre exhibition stand design for the UK’s largest supplier of mobility scooters, Suffolk based TGA. The brief was for a contemporary exhibition stand design with an open and inviting feel, to increase the company’s profile and reinforce their position as market leaders. Other requirements included the ability to use it at both 12 x 6 and 12 x 9 metres – and for it to accommodate a minimum of 15 scooters with… Read more »

Professional photography of pipe art!

Industrial photography example

‘Pipes as a work of Art’ sounds a bit weird but that’s what we were doing last week. Our client builds massive equipment for use in offshore rigs and they wanted to show off the high quality of their work with some equally high quality professional photography in Norwich. Part of the equipment is made from hundreds of stainless steel pipes that are formed in to shapes and assembled in a concentrated array. Just looking at this makes your mind boggle at the exquisite work and painstaking attention to detail. But how to show this off with out all the… Read more »

Website running too slow?

Man sitting at laptop looking frustrating

With a website now being the most important sales and marketing tool for many businesses, it is imperative that it performs well. Websites that run slow are a major turn-off for site visitors, with the majority choosing to click away after just a few seconds. So what can be done? The first thing to do is open your website on a browser that isn’t cached and note the time it takes to fully load your web pages. If that time exceeds 3 seconds per page then you have a problem. You’ll then need to try and identify the root of… Read more »

Google search trends

Google Trends example screen shot

Ever wanted to grab a quick snapshot of who’s searching for what out there? Well now you can with a neat little tool called [Google Trends], which will give you instant search-word trend analysis, plus some useful comparison options too. It won’t do the work of a [Search Engine Optimisation – SEO] programme, but it is a great way of keeping up with trending interests online and can be useful to businesses looking to keep tabs on some of the strongest product and/or service search terms currently being used. Google’s [Inside Search] blog tells us that since launching it at… Read more »

Websites for smartphones

Close up of smart phone user

As more of us are using smartphones these days, what better time to assess whether your website is actually smartphone friendly? Does it still look good when viewed on a smartphone device… and more importantly, can you still read it ok? If you think people are happy to manually expand and horizontally scroll your content until they find what they’re looking for, then I’m afraid you’ll need to think again. With around 46% of visitors now accessing websites via their smartphones and tablets you can forget designing a website for a desktop device only… those days are over. So what… Read more »

Alzheimer’s modular exhibition stand from GGS nears completion

Shell scheme graphics for Alzheimers Research UK

Finishing touches to the exhibition stand we are building for Alzheimer’s Research UK are being applied in the GGS studio. The stand, which we will be used at conferences throughout the year, including BNA 2013 (Festival of Neuroscience), The Alzheimer’s Show and the Badminton Horse Trials will be assembled on-site by  the client. This modular construction has been specially designed with self-build in mind and our clients will be coming to the studio in a couple of days to see how it all goes together. Piece of cake!