Is Your Business Ready for a Digital Future?

Is Your Business Ready for a Digital Future?

In today’s modern world, online business and tools are constantly evolving and changing. And although you don’t have to run your business entirely over the internet, it certainly comes with heaps of benefits including; 24/7 global access for customers and clients. The ability to manage your business from any location in the world. More efficient customer service. Greater flexibility. Faster and more efficient delivery of products and services. It can save you money. Easily showcase your products and services. Build stronger relationships with customers and clients.   So what does the future hold for online business? As technology continues to… Read more »

A Guide to Branding Your Small Business

Branding Cupcakes and bubbles

For decades, branding has been vital to making good business; it’s what customers think of first when they think about your company. Branding is typically made up of logo, name, slogan, symbol, and design – but just because you have branding, that doesn’t mean it’s as effective as it could be! Branding is immensely powerful, more so than we care to think. It isn’t just about looking good or attracting your target market, but about getting prospects to view you as the sole solution of their problem and/or need. In a world saturated by digital media, it’s important that you… Read more »

Why photography makes people press the big-red buy button!

What influences a customer’s decision to purchase the most? Is it the branding, the prices, or the item description? While there are many aspects that can affect our decision to buy, in an increasingly digital world – photography is perhaps one of the most vital. With so many people making their purchases online, it’s key that they are provided with a clear understanding of the product they are interested in before clicking the ‘buy’ button – this includes precisely its appearance which can only be achieved through high quality photography. Online businesses need images that help them sell more of… Read more »

The secret sauce to ensuring your business stands out from the crowd!

The secret sauce to ensuring your business stands out from the crowd!

In a world that revolves around technology and online profiles, it’s essential that your business is represented in the best light possible – so that you can sell more of your products and services. And with so much competition confronting you, trying to stand out from the crowd can be a tricky task… So what can you do to make your business shine brighter than the rest? Commercial photography High quality photography is key to selling more products; it represents professionalism and accurately showcases what you can offer potential clients and customers. Our qualified Associates of the British Institute of… Read more »

Discover the ultimate exhibition stand for ANY business

Discover the ultimate exhibition stand for ANY business

At an exhibition, you will want to showcase what you and your business can do as effectively as possible. Standing out and making an impact is vital to selling your services and/or products to your clients, and a professional exhibition stand could be your number one selling point… In a world where technology and social media is so prominent, it can be difficult to find a method that makes you stand out without the use of perfect photography and being social media savvy. Usually, the best way to capture the eye of potential clients is the supposed “good old fashioned”… Read more »

The Tricero-stand for John Innes

John innes centre stand design norwich

What’s a Tricero-stand? We’re not really sure to be perfectly honest – we made the name up for the purpose of this blog 🙂 But essentially it’s all about this innovative and unique stand we designed, printed and supplied for the John Innes Centre. A custom shape we haven’t configured before – the panels have a graphic on each side, allowing for six spaces to showcase your business! John Innes wanted to promote fifty years of research at their Open Day event and this stand was the perfect way to do so. The timeline spans all of the graphics and… Read more »

Sun, Sea & Stands – Exhibiting in Cannes!

GGS exhibition team on tour

When it comes to doing your last stand build of the year before preparing for a busy start to 2017 – why not head for Cannes on the French Riviera! At least that’s what Duncan, Jay and Rick thought as they loaded up the GGS van and set off on Friday morning. A long 951 mile drive awaited them, however when you are greeted with this view on arrival at the exhibition venue, its makes the journey all the more worthwhile. Clear blue skies, sunshine and warmth, much better than we have had back in the UK. (we are a… Read more »

I got 99 jars but I can’t miss 1 – Product photography

GGS product photography for company in Norfolk

“If you’re having girl problems I feel bad for you son I got ninety nine problems but a b**** ain’t one…” 99 Problems Artist: Jay Z – Album: The Black Album Released: 2003 – Genre: Hip-hop/rap “If you’re having time problems I feel bad for you son I got ninety nine jars but I can’t miss one…“ Artist: GGS – Album: Website Bloggers Released: 2016 – Genre: Hip-hop spoof  We hope you’re familiar with Jay Z. If not most of this probably doesn’t make a lot of sense. But if not, not to worry, it’s basically a reference to the… Read more »

Corporate Headshots – Helpful hints

corporate headshot photography from GGS photographers, Norwich, Norfolk

OK, so you need to get some head shots of your team for the Company website. Is it important that the photos are all good quality; that they all look uniform and consistent in style; that they are pictures that the subject is happy to have on view to the whole world; that they convey the right message about the individual and that they fit in with the company’s image? Probably. What you definitely don’t want is a hotch potch of blurry pics with a selection of different backgrounds taken in a Benidorm bar or similar, where each subject has… Read more »

GGS – A Very Complimentary Week!

Wallpaper graphic printed by GGS

We almost had a full house of compliments last week! Four great testimonials and four very happy clients. We love our work; it’s creative, it’s sometimes hectic but ultimately it’s always very rewarding. Creating and supplying our clients with anything from top quality photographs, large and impressive exhibition stands and wallpaper prints, to simply a well-designed brochure bang-on-brief. Monday Chris, our corporate photographer, had a great day in the studio photographing ice cream product shots for The Booja Booja Company. The variety of flavours looked and tasted fantastic (or so we hear from Chris, who had to taste test each… Read more »