Visibility to credibility – why you should exhibit your brand this summer

Norwich exhibition company GGS - Stand for Broadland Wines

Think that exhibiting at trade shows offers poor value for money? Think again. There’s more than one good reason why exhibitions feature in marketing strategies for business growth. If you’re looking to identify opportunities to expand your business, then taking a stand at a trade show this summer is essential. It’s also an opportunity to promote your brand, what it stands for and what it offers. Generate targeted business leads: the visitors to trade shows are generally motivated by or interested in your industry already and are often ready to commit to a deal on the spot. It’s a fantastic… Read more »

How to incorporate live video streaming in your exhibitions

Subsea Technology stand - monitor displaying video

Live streaming is no longer the future of events marketing, it’s the present. The use of live videography gives you an instantaneous marketing tool that you can use there and then, and recycle for later. Whichever channel or channels you are using, Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitter-owned Periscope, Snapchat or Instagram; bring them to your exhibition stand. They are the channels for a two-way immersive and interactive marketing tactic that draws crowds, and keeps them entertained while they are there. Stream in experts and ambassadors, with real time interviews and Q&A sessions. Get a go-pro or body cam feed and show… Read more »

Retro palettes for nostalgic design

Pantone Colour booklet

Colour is a key element in branding. Among the pantones and the HEX codes, there are myriad colours that lend themselves to a particular genre or style of design. When you start to combine them with different shades and accent colours from the charts, you’re creating designs that range from the ivory-based classic, to the sleek and succinct modern, from the atmospherically charged emotive to the dramatic and aspirational. Colours are evocative too. Psychedelic shades of purple, orange and lime green scream 1970s. Monochrome shouts 1960s. Whites denote purity, peace and calm. From red to violet and every shade in… Read more »

The camera never lies

CNS Students - School prospectus photography

How professional photography enhances your business reputation… With consumers more likely to contact a company whose listing includes an image, the use of images has a greater market value than ever before. Pictures attract attention, evoke emotions, convey messages – they can portray advice or warning as easily as advertise a product or service. People often say that a picture is worth a thousand words: some say the original quote was that a picture is worth ten thousand words. Either way, it’s clear that the appropriate use of images can reach an audience in ways written text can’t. When you’re… Read more »

It’s in our blood, not just a camera lens!

Norwich City Centre - Archive shots

Director of GGS; Chris Ball, speaks on how his family history with photography lead him to the path he’s on today… ‘My Grandfather, George Swain Junior, was one of a few photographers in Norwich in the early 20th century and his father, George Swain (Senior) was a photographer as well, so there’s a fair bit of history of photography in my family. He was very well known at the time in the local area and was a bit of a pioneer in photography, in particular aerial shots. During his career he had a couple of shops in Norwich, one on… Read more »

The Importance of Your School Prospectus Design

School Prospectus design and print

As the academic year starts steering towards the end, now is a great time to start thinking about your school prospectus for September. Nowadays, most schools have a website as a result of new Ofsted regulations, but that doesn’t mean that prospectuses and prints are any less important. School brochures and prospectus can be handed out and passed around at open days and events; this provides visitors with an instant positive impression when they aren’t able to access the school’s website at that time. While your website is still a highly useful tool – don’t underestimate the marketing power of… Read more »

Exhibition Stands – Why Choose GGS?

Exhibition - pop up stand for Bernard Matthews

We get it, in a society where business runs almost solely through digital media – why on earth would any business owner consider presenting themselves at an exhibition? Well, it appears that many companies nowadays are attending business exhibitions; they have become a vital part of most marketing strategies for good reasons. Why is exhibiting so important? Tele-based sales and email marketing can become tedious and sometimes confusing – and they can make it difficult for you to get your point across and demonstrate exactly what your business is about. Attending business exhibitions is a unique way to showcase your… Read more »

Professional Photography VS Amateur Photography

Professional Photography VS Amateur Photography

When it comes to photography, the idea of what separates the pros from the Joes is debatable – everyone has different skills, styles, and equipment, but what is it that makes someone “professional” in their work? Amateur – “a person who engages in a pursuit, especially a sport, on an unpaid basis.” That sounds pretty vague, as many photographers could still be considered an “expert” at what they do despite not doing it for financial gain. It might not necessarily make them an amateur. Plus “amateurs” often charge money for their services. Professional – “engaged in a specified activity as one’s main… Read more »

Brochure Benefits in a Digital World

Brochure Benefits in a Digital World

In a world where business revolves around technology, it makes you wonder what use a brochure even has anymore! Haven’t the days of paper-based advertisement been more or less retired now that we have phones and computers? So many businesses are missing out on an excellent marketing technique by giving up the use of brochures; modern society means businesses are functioning almost solely through email marketing, tele-based sales, and online-based stores. It’s refreshing for many, particularly for those who aren’t technologically inclined, to be able to pick up a simple and well-designed brochure that reinforces the brand and its products,… Read more »

The Key to Exhibiting Your Business

The Key to Exhibiting Your Business

A lot of companies today are viewing business exhibitions as a key component of their marketing strategy, and for good reason! But why has exhibiting become so popular and what are the benefits you’re missing out on? Exhibiting your business is a great way to showcase what it has to offer. If you have a solid display stand, an outstanding and faultless pitch, and high quality promotional materials – then you and your business will certainly reap the benefits. In today’s modern society, business typically functions through email marketing and tele-based sales on a daily basis. The great thing about… Read more »